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Hinge Strengtheners

booksplits-coverIf you do not intend to use your rebinding strip (included in pack) to rebind your book – here is another great use for it -

Have you noticed how easily the block of pages comes away from the cover of your book? This regularly happens with schoolbooks as they are in constant use.

Reinforce, repair and protect your book hinges by applying these BookSplits™ strong, self adhesive Rebinding Strip/Hinge Strengtheners to the inside front and back covers of your books and make them last longer. Size A4 in length. 297mm length X 75mm width (11.5in X 3in)


Step 1. Partially peel away the liner from the top of your  Rebinding Strip/Hinge Strengthener. Apply to the inside of the front and back covers of your book, taking care to have an equal portion of the strip on both the book cover and the book block.

Step 2. When you are satisfied that it is correctly aligned on both parts of the book, peel away the remaining liner and press firmly to adhere to the full length of the book, smoothing out any air bubbles.

Other USES FOR THE BookSplits pACK -

• Use as Book Covers
• Use as Book Spine Protectors

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