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BookSplits is a very simple and practical solution to the heavy schoolbag problem. The BookSplits™ concept is to split each schoolbook in half, thereby giving the student the option to only carry the half of the book that is required each day, whilst leaving the other half at home or in the school locker.

The specially designed BookSplits™ rigid plastic covers are used to rebind, protect and cover each half of the book separately. They are transparent and self adhesive and when applied directly to the front and back of a book form a new rigid protective cover that is more durable and stronger than the original cover.

This procedure does not damage the book – the book is fully intact, just in two separate halves. The pack also includes a rebinding strip, to rebind both halves of the book and reinstate as a single book in the future, if required.

By carrying out this simple process, it is possible to halve the weight of a student’s schoolbooks, instantly. Although cutting books in half is counter intuitive, it is worth remembering that schoolbooks have a limited lifespan anyway and it makes sense if it reduces the risk of back and neck health problems in later life.

How do I know how to split my books correctly?

Full step by step instructions are included in the BookSplits™ pack, showing how to split your books successfully, whilst keeping each half fully intact. It does not damage the book, it just allows you to have it in two parts. Full instructions for applying the rigid self adhesive covers are also included. You can also watch the video tutorial on our website.

How do I know which part of the book to bring to class?

BookSplits™ is being launched nationwide. Until all teachers recognise and support the use of BookSplits™ and the benefits of it to students, it would be advisable to bring both parts of the book to class. However, it will only be necessary to carry home the half of the book that is required for homework – you can leave the other half in your locker. Once BookSplits™ becomes recognised as a real alternative to carrying heavy books, teachers will be able to advise students, in advance, which part of the schoolbook that they need in class on a particular week, month, term or even year.

What about the vocabulary and answers at the back of books?

Some books have vocabulary or answers at the back or front of the book. If required, we suggest that students photocopy these pages themselves and keep them with the ‘other’ half of the book. Some students take a photo of these pages with their smartphone and so have this information available to them as required.

What about the resale value of split books?

Books that have been split in two still remain completely intact, just in two halves. If placed together, it just looks like one book, but with the benefit of it being in two halves. Books may actually have an enhanced resale value if they have already been rebound in two parts, as they may be more sought-after. Our pack also includes a self adhesive strip that can be used to rebind books together when selling/passing them on.

In this regard, it is worth noting that eBooks that are downloaded have no resale value, as they are issued with a one, two or three year licence, depending on the duration you choose to ‘rent’ them for.


Books are assembled from folded or unfolded sheets of paper. Folded sheets of paper made up in small bundles/segments are known as signatures. Bundles of signatures are then glued and/or sewn together along the book spine to form the book. Practically all secondary schoolbooks and some primary schoolbooks are bound in this way to give them added strength, as they are in constant use and need to withstand a lot of wear and tear.

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No.  The most important step in the process is to establish a point BETWEEN two signatures and to cut there. This may not be the exact middle page of the book. If the instructions are followed correctly, the book will not be damaged in any way. You are not cutting the pages, you are simply cutting through the glue and the spine of the book. It is recommended to practice on an old book first – this may be a store catalogue or similar – just check the type of binding first to ensure that it is similar to the textbook that you intend to cut.

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No. Cutting a book which is made up of signatures is not difficult. Remember, you are not cutting the pages -  just the glue and the spine covering of the book. Make sure to open the book as flat as you can, once you have identified the correct place to cut. You can also watch the video tutorial on the instructions page of our website. Move the individual pages back and forth on each half of the book until you are sure that all the pages in a particular segment/signature are together on the correct side of the book that you are about to cut.


BookSplits™ was originally developed for books that are bound in ‘signatures’ as, when the books are split into two parts they remain fully intact, just in two halves. By then applying the rigid plastic covers the books are fully protected and durable and are able to withstand the wear and tear of everyday life in and out of schoolbags, lockers etc.

However, there is growing concern for the health of younger students who are at Primary School level and whose books are not bound in this way. It is possible to use the BookSplits™ covers to protect and rebind each half of a book that is not bound in ‘signatures’,  but an additional step will be necessary.

If the books are bound using staples in the centre to hold the pages together,  it would require stapling each half of the book separately before applying the covers. This is very simple to do. Covers can then be applied as outlined in our video tutorial - watch the video tutorial.

If the book is bound in individual pages which are glued along the spine, it will also be necessary to staple each half together before applying the BookSplits™ covers. Covers can then be applied as outlined in our video tutorial – watch the video tutorial.

We would suggest discussing with your Teacher in Primary School and agreeing the best place to split the heaviest books. Teachers can then advise students which half to take to school and which half to leave at home, thereby significantly reducing the weight being carried to and from school each day.

What do i need to do next?
  • Decide how many books you wish to split into two parts.
  • Order the correct number of BookSplits™ packs online.
  • Follow the instructions contained in the pack and watch the video tutorial before commencing to split your books.
How do I pay for the booksplits packs?

We accept all major Credit Cards – Visa, Mastercard, American Express & PayPal.

Please note that you do not need to have a PayPal account to make payment to us.



BookSplits™ is the smart, affordable and instant solution to the problem of heavy schoolbags… order your pack today!
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