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€4.99 until 30th november 2017.  (NORMAL PRICE €5.99).
Each BookSplits pack contains

• 2 Front Covers with a flexible spine flap – one for the front of each half of your book.
• 2 Back Covers with a narrow peel-away strip, (for easy alignment) – one for the back of each half of your book.
• Rebinding Strip – which can be used to rebind both halves of the book in the future, should you require.

€4.99 per pack
(Plus Postage and Packaging)

Please click on the link above to take you to the secure Paypal payment page.
 Please note that you do not need to have a PayPal Account to make payments to us.

If you wish to collect packs directly from us and avoid postage charges, please contact us to arrange collection date and time. Why not get together with a group of other parents/students and order in bulk to reduce Postage & Packaging Charges. Maximum Postage & Packaging Charge EUR9.95 for any quantity.

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  1. I contacted you previously regarding getting a sample. You have indicated that one has to purchase the book splits. To that end is it possible for you to invoice the school (i.e. St Louis Community School) as we don’t have a school credit card. Please bear in mind I am attempting to promote your product and if I can’t progress this, then the matter is dead in the water.

    Thanks in advance,

    Mary O’ Flaherty


  2. Hi I am just wondering if you can send me a sample of the material used in the booksplit and I may be able to advise other parents of your product.
    Thank you


  3. Hi,

    I am from Malaysia. Would like to check how much is shipping cost to Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia? I would like to buy 10 booksplit packs.

    Pooi Mun


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