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Book Spine Protectors

booksplits-coverAnother great use for the Rebinding Strip – Use it as a Book Spine Protector.

Some customers do not wish to use the Rebinding Strip to rebind their book – instead they use it to protect and strengthen the spine of other books.

Protect the spines of your books from damage that can easily happen to schoolbooks that are in and out of schoolbags all the time.

Now you can protect them with BookSplits™ easy to apply, self adhesive, transparent Rebinding Strip/Spine Protectors. These will give added protection to your book spines and make them last longer. Size A4 in length. 297mm length X 75mm width. (11.5 in X 3 in)

Other uses for the BookSplits pack -

• Use as Book Covers
• Use as Hinge Strengtheners

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