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About BookSplits

For many years, I have watched my children struggling with heavy schoolbags and have worried about the long term damage that might be caused to their developing spines. I drive my children to and from school each day because of the weight of their schoolbags, although I know that it would be far healthier for them to walk. I have spent a long time thinking about this problem and I finally decided that I needed to try to do something about it myself.

At first, I felt a technological solution, such as using a laptop, iPad or eReader was the only alternative. However, the more I read, the more I felt that this was not necessarily the best option. Using screens for an additional six or seven hours each day (added to the time students already spend on screens daily)  can bring its own risks – eye strain and repetitive injury strains. There is also a lot of new research which questions the effectiveness of learning from screens versus learning from books.

During my research, I also discovered how concerned Neurologists, Cognitive Scientists and Psychologists are about how the human brain is being altered by the over-use of Information Technologies. Many of the people in Silicon Valley who provide us with our IT solutions are aware of the negative findings, so much so, that many of them choose to send their own children to computer- free Waldorf schools, to ensure they develop creativity and problem solving skills.

Therefore, in seeking an alternative to one of the technological options i.e. iPad, Laptop, eReader etc., and whilst also instantly solving the heavy schoolbag problem … BookSplits™ became the solution.

It is a very simple solution – ‘cut your book in half – halve the weight’ – but it is also a very practical, effective and instant solution, with no side effects to be concerned about. The books are not damaged – they are just in two halves. This is a decision that every student/parent who has purchased their own books can make, independently of schools.


BookSplits™ is the smart, affordable and instant solution to the problem of heavy schoolbags… order your pack today!