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BookSplits – The Smart Simple DIY Solution for  heavy Schoolbooks

Girl holding a heavy pile of booksParents: are you worried about the weight of your child's schoolbag? Take action!Doctor checking youngster's backBuy: order your BookSplits pack today and halve the weight of your schoolbooksSchools: offer your students and parents an alternative to carrying heavy schoolbagsBookSplits logo: two rectangles intersectedPile of books opened in half

Need a smart, practical and INSTANT way to reduce the weight of your school books/school bag? We have designed a really simple DIY SOLUTION for you.

Halve the weight of your school books/school bag and protect your back in three simple steps……..

  1. Split your school books in half. (See video tutorial for the correct way to do this)

2.  Apply our specially designed BookSplits covers to each half of your book.

 3.  Choose which half to carry each day and leave the other half at home or in your school locker. 

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Simple!  Half  a book equals half  the weight

Does your Teacher skip around the book OR you are not sure which half they will use each day? No problem! Take both halves to class but only carry home the half  that is needed for homework each evening.

Just €4.99 per pack.

Special rates for bulk orders – please contact us 

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Anne Gubbins

“This is such a fast and affordable solution. Instead of trying to get the school or the Dept of Education to solve the problem, parents can make sure that their child is not weighed down by huge books on their way to and from school. It is such a simple solution. I wish I had heard about it years ago.”

East Coast Physio
Visit East Coast Physio

“We often get asked about schoolbags and their effect on children and adolescents’ spines. We know that local schools are making the effort to reduce the weight of students’ schoolbags. We couldn’t resist sharing with you this novel (pardon the pun!) and local idea which would also lighten the load.”

Principal Alan Cox
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“From a school point of view, we think BookSplits is a fantastic idea. Parents constantly worry about the weight their children are carrying and this is now the perfect solution. I absolutely recommend BookSplits.”

Lorraine Gillespie
Deputy Principal at Dominican College, Wicklow

“Heavy schoolbooks, exam papers, P.E. gear, hard-back notebooks, revision notes, packed lunches…. It’s no joke for your average teen to have to carry such a load on a daily basis around huge school buildings. With many publishers producing all – in – one volumes of three year’s work for Junior Cycle (or two years at Senior Cycle) it seems that much of the heavy load is unnecessary, since most of the book in any subject is not used at any given time. It makes complete sense to split books into parts and carry only what is necessary to and from class. We have been highly impressed with the quality of workmanship involved in BookSplits and have found the professional, friendly service offered by the team at BookSplits to be superb. We in DCW are delighted to recommend BookSplits and encourage parents where possible to positively consider the cost-benefit analysis of using the BookSplits service in the context of their children’s health and wellbeing.”

BookSplits™ is the smart, affordable and instant solution to the problem of heavy schoolbags… order your pack today!

Pay with PayPal, PayPal Credit or any major credit card

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